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A fantastical deep-​sea world awaits in this set of two complementary oracular decks, to be used in combination or alone.

These beautiful decks invite us into a world inhabited by iridescent characters who lend their magic, myth, and tentacles(!) to every oracle reading. The result is as seductive and eternal as the legendary sirens’ song.
Here, deep, arcane currents flow and animate the skeletons of those who came before and the guardians of those who are still to come—the keepers of our Unfolding Story. Hidden within these dark waters are secrets and sunken truths, some weighty, others as light as sea spray. This, dear diviner, must seem a strange and uncharted realm; but it teems with new life and unsung potential. Are you ready to take this voyage of discovery?
This divination kit contains two oracles: a Kipper and a Lenormand. When used together they provide the highest, fullest degree of possible interpretation. Unlike tarot and oracle decks, which are read intuitively, Lenormand cards are read metaphorically, and Kipper cards are read quite literally. Lenormand deals with the outer world, and Kipper deals with the interpersonal.  The most common way to read Lenormand and Kipper is to treat the card meanings as words and read them in order. There can be a certain amount of intuition in how you approach the card meanings, but they have set meanings. The Kipper deck is not a card deck that has the capacity to address larger societal issues. It’s more on a personal level, aimed at the everyday realities of people’s lives, and it reflects both the highest and the lowest possibilities those lives can contain. It depicts people, societal roles, and personal states of being. 
As for the card decks themselves, there are four additional cards in the Lenormand deck—an extra child, man, woman, and dog.  For the extra “dog” card, the image is a cat. For the Kipper deck, there are two extra marriage cards for all types of unions.  The companion book contains instructions to “create your deck of choice” by removing unwanted options and mixing and matching

The Sirens' Song - Divining the Depths with Lenormand and Kipper Cards


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