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Something happens when your feet are buried in the sand and the ocean wind takes away your worries and doubt. Nature is the easiest way to reconnect with your spiritual self but the ocean offers mystery and exploration. The Sea Wych Salem offers you an experience, wherever you are, to connect with the ocean in all of it's magical splendor.

The Sea Wych Salem

Explore The Sea...

The Sea Wych Salem found her home on the shores of this historical and magical city. After journeying around the world she found peace on the hidden cobble beaches, and community along the waterfront and in the historic alleys of Salem, a city she now calls home.


Phe, a solitary sea witch has been perfecting her craft for over 20 years, and offering her expertise and knowledge to clientele who are seeking to grow in their own sea and water witchcraft practices. 

Her products are currently available in various local shops and galleries, as well as online. With overwhelming response to her shoppe offerings, Phe created a space for all to visit and practice online. All products are ethically sourced, either locally by the Sea Wych herself, or from boutique practices and practitioners who ensure that no harm is done when curating and gathering materials.

Sea Wych Salem
Pebble Beach
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