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Use this kit for banishing spells, especially powerful during the dark moon or low tide (suitable for fresh water and oceanic low tides).  This kit contains:

  • Seashell – Fighting or Crown Conch (1)
  • Driftwood (1)
  • Chime Candle – Black (banishing) (1)
  • Black Obsidian (banishing negativity and grounding/protection) (1)
  • Ethically Sourced Abalone Chips (3) - Symbolic of the transformative and cleansing power of the waters (3)
  • Sea Glass (2)
  • Charms (3)
  • Herbs – Lemongrass (repel demons), Mullein Leaf (protect against bewitchment)
  • Sea Wych Blend Purification and Protection Salt
  • Angelica (repel malevolent forces and reverse curses)
  • Muslin bag
  • Instructions insert

Banishing Spell Kit Dark Moon | Low Tide


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