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A Dream Coming True

Thank you so much for visiting The Sea Wych Salem and taking the time to peruse the shop – and (hopefully), read what I want to share with you.

My name is Ophelia, Phe for short, and I live in Salem, Massachusetts. I am a non-theist Sea Witch and have been practicing for 20 years, although I’ll be the first to admit that I was slow to realise it.  It took a friend to point out that my habit of floating, for hours sometimes, and of visiting my local beaches in all seasons, and all weather, to, as I put it, “draw down and in,” was very much a practice of elemental witchcraft.

That statement hit me hard (in a good way), and suddenly everything made more sense.  My energy rises and falls as the tide flows and ebbs.  I have lived all over the world, and when I’ve found myself inland, far from the coast, I suffer.  I would spend as much time as I could near any body of water – a river, stream, pond, or lake – but it was never the same and when I’d finally return to New England, it was like breathing out.

When we moved from Boston, MA (my hometown) to Salem, MA though, it was truly like coming home.  Here, I’ve grown immensely both as a person and in my practice. 

So, what is my practice?  Like many elemental witches, I am a solitary practitioner.  I do not worship any deities, and I do recognize all gendered and neutral aspects of the waters of the world that give us life.  That being said, I respect all forms of worship provided that they do no harm to our environment, and that they don’t appropriate historically oppressed or colonized cultures.

My goal with The Sea Wych Salem is to provide a comprehensive, active, and accessible place for sea and water witches around the world to find reasonably priced tools for their trade; and to build a community for practitioners, both seasoned and new to the craft.

I will be adding new merchandise weekly, as well as a daily oracle draw for reflection, and sharing ritual from my own practice with you. 

Thank you for being here.  Blessings!

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